There is a Swedish Axe on Dual Survival. I used to be a fan of the Discovery Channel show Dual Survival. I stopped watching it when Cody Lundin was unjustly fired from the show. However, I still enjoy watching the early seasons when Cody was still one of the hosts. The two survivalists typically carry personal knives in the different scenarios. However, in Season 2, Episode 2 “Buried Alive” host Dave Canterbury forgoes a knife in favor of an axe.

Season 2, Episode 2: “Buried Alive” (S02 EP02)

Dave is a host of Dual Survival in the first two seasons. I admire Dave’s ability to improvise combusion devices as well as his hunting ability. Throughout his time on the show Dave improvises some impressive hunting tools. He compliments Cody Lundin’s, conservative, slow and steady primitive survival approach.

I’d love to see a show hosted by a better channel that reunited Dave and Cody.

Dave’s Swedish Axe on Dual Survival

The axe Dave carries tucked in his belt looks like a Wetterlings. It’d be better if he carried it with an axe holster. It might be a Wetterlings Swedish Forest Axe. (Also called the Wetterlings Scandinavian Forest Axe)

Why Wetterlings? There are no smith initials on the poll. The handle does not have the classic Gransfors Bruk profile and the makers mark on the axe is near the bit. This rules out Gransfors Bruk. It is hard to tell from the screenshot, but I believe it has the SAW stamp. The handle also looks like a Wetterlings.

He uses the Wetterlings axe to make a pair of snow shoes using pine saplings and paracord. 

Swedish Axe on Dual Survival

Dave’s Axe on Dual Survival

An axe is considered by some to be an essential survival tool in the boreal forest.  An axe is a very versatile and useful tool for processing enough firewood to stay warm.

Wetterlings Scandinavian Forest Axe

The Wetterlings Scandinavian Forest Axe has been discontinued but here the specifications.


  • Model: SAW123
  • Overall Length: 26″ (66 cm)
  • 56-58 RwC
  • Head Weight: 2.2 lbs (998 grams)
  • Overall Weight: 3.45 lbs (1564 grams)