Axe and Maul

Both an axe and a maul are two axe types used to chop (or split) wood. Most axes intended for splitting wood have a more wedge like shape. Axes intended to split wood that feature a more wedge like bit are known as splitting axes (Klyvyxa).

A maul, also known as a splitting maul, or sledge-axe (Släggyxa) features a hardened poll or sledge opposite the splitting axe.

Mauls Have a Sledge Hammer

A maul is two tools in one, a splitting axe on one side and a sledge hammer on the other.

The difference between an axe and a maul is a maul has a hardened poll or sledge opposite the blade and an axe does not have a hardened poll.

The hardened poll enables the hammer side of a maul to be used to hammer metal wedges without deforming.

Using an axe without a hardened poll to pound metal will result in a deformed axe at best and at worse a deformed eye or broken axe.