Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe #425


The excellent Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe #425 designed by living survival legend Lars Fält.

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  • Steel Collar Guard
  • Protective vegetable-tanned leather sheath included
  • Comes complete with a copy of the Gransfors Axe Book
  • 20 year warranty
  • Weight: 500g (~1.1 pounds)
  • 37 cm hickory handle (~14.5 inches)
  • The weight of each handcrafted axe will vary within a few grams
  • SKU: 425
  • GTIN: 7391765425003
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The Outdoor Axe is the lightest offered by Gransfors Bruk. It was designed in conjunction with survival instructor Lars Fält. Designed for portability and excelling at a variety of tasks, the Outdoor Axe is a lightweight survival tool heavy on performance.

The versatility of the Outdoor Axe cannot be overstated as it excels in a myriad of roles such as heavy knife, pack axe, bushcrafter’s axe, kitchen axe, kindling maker, camp axe, and small log splitter. Even though it weighs in at around 1 pound, it can still fell small trees.

The shape of the sheath, which covers the edge and the top part of the poll, also stops the axe head cutting into a backpack or rucksack.

The Outdoor Axe also features a steel collar guard, normally only found on Gransfors' splitting axes, to protect against overstrikes.

Each axe is stamped with the initials of the smith who forged it.

In addition to the axe you will receive a sheath of vegetable-tanned leather and a copy of The Axe Book.

The smiths at Gränsfors Bruk AB forge what many consider to be the finest production axes available--the kind of heirloom quality tool that is both a workhorse and can be cherished and passed on for generations.


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Optional Extras:

Obenauf's leather protectant (first application)

  • This high quality leather oil will ensure your sheath provides years of use without cracking or splitting
  • I recommend applying some type of leather oil once per year (or as needed) and would be happy to apply the first coat for you

Tried & True Danish Polymerized Linseed Oil Finish to the hickory handle (first application)

  • A food-contact safe linseed oil that has no heavy metal driers, and no petroleum distillates or derivatives. The "Boiled Linseed Oil" from the hardware store has heavy metal driers in it that I wouldn't want in contact with my skin.
  • Pure unmodified linseed oil does not dry quickly. In the "old days" linseed oil was boiled so that when applied it would dry faster. More recently heavy metal driers have been added to what is sold as "boiled linseed oil" which is NOT natural and pure like your great grandparent's boiled linseed oil. The Polymerized Linseed Oil I use dries quickly without the toxic metal driers.
  • I recommend applying a non-toxic linseed oil to your handle at least once per year. This will ensure the wood is well "nourished" and does not dry out.