Gransfors Tomahawk

The Gransfors Tomhawk is part of  Historiska Yxor line of limited edition historical axes. There are more pictures on their website as well as the specifications and information (in Swedish).

I have partly translated the information provided on the Swedish version of the Gransfors Bruk website using google and interpreted and elaborated on based on my knowledge of axes.

The tomahawk has become closing associated with certain tribes in the American’s during the 16th century. It is considered a throwing weapon, although more often it would have been used as a sidearm and tool.

According to tomahawk dates back to 1610 from the Virginian Algonquian word tamahaac from the word tamaham meaning “he cuts”.

Image property of Gränsfors Bruks AB

Gransfors Tomahawk

The design is based off of a French Trade ax from the 1600s. Europeans would trade these axes to the indigenous people of the Americans (sometimes called First Peoples, Indians, Native Americans, Pre-Columbian Civilizations, or American Indians) in exchange for guidance, leather, and other goods and services.

The sheath (axe mask if you like) looks to be of a higher quality even than those included with Gransfors Bruk’s other axes. It features stitches rather than rivets and the edges are cleaner.

These hatchets are forged by Sam Ritter.


  • Item number: 4990
  • Weight: 0.6 kg (~1.3 pounds)
  • Edge length: 7.5 cm (~2.95 inches)
  • Head length: 13 cm (~5.1 inches)
  • Handle length: 47.5cm (~18.7 inches)

Gransfors Tomahawk

Images property of Gränsfors Bruks AB

Cost and Availability

The price tag of 4,200 Kroner converts to around 417 USD.

Like the Laminated Bearded Axe with Eye Socket, and the Double-lugged Bearded Axe this will be initially available only to the Swedish market.

You can view the Gransfors Tomahawk on their website in Swedish here:

Raw Google Translate:


4 200  kr

When North America began to be populated by Europeans in the 16th century, so-called “trade axes” played an important role in trade with the indigenous population. The axes were manufactured by the Europeans, but became so common with the Native Americans that over time it became one of the foremost Native American symbols under the name Tomahawk.

The word “tomahawk” derives from the Lenama tribe’s “tamahak”, which freely translated means cutting tool.

The axes served as currency and the Europeans exchanged guidance, support, leather, crafts and other things for a given number of axes. Many of the indigenous tribes were nomads and did not devote themselves to house-building or wood-splitting, and were therefore not interested in large timber cars, carpentry axes or cleavers. In contrast, small, handy axes that could easily be worn and carried in the belt were much more interesting.

The handy tomahawks quickly became popular with the indigenous people and were used in hunting, fighting, household chores and rides. In close combat and hunting, the tomahawk was used primarily as a handgun, but the Indians were also very skilled ax throwers. The light weight of the ax head was made to rotate well when throwing.

Gränsfors Tomahawk is inspired by a French trade ax. The ax is traditionally hand forged with collage, hammer and anvil. This is a very complex and time-consuming process, which is why it is only produced in very small series. The ax is stamped with serial number, year of manufacture and the smith’s stamp. Gränsfors Tomahawk has a loose shaft, completely according to old traditions, which is good for throwing, but is also suitable for twig and easy wood chopping.

When the ax is used for ax throwing, the shaft is often damaged and a replaceable shaft is therefore important. Gränsfors Bruk provides shaft for replacement.

Gränsfors Tomahawk comes with a hickory handle that is treated with linseed oil to obtain a beautiful patina, as well as an extra thick, specially adapted edge protection of vegetable tanned leather.

Gränsfors Tomahawk comes with a 20-year warranty. However, Gränsfors Mill cannot guarantee a return product given that the ax is manufactured in a limited edition. If replacement product is not available, full refund will instead be paid.

Gränsfors Tomahawk is forged by Sam Ritter. Sam has a solid education as a professional blacksmith and has for several years worked closely with Gränsfors Bruk, focusing on axes, forging and as a course leader for Gränsfors Bruks forging courses. Sam is a founding member and fellow member of NorrHälsinge Järnsmides Gille.