The Shangaan Axe on Dual Survival can be found in Season 3, Episode 3 “On the Menu”. The two survivalists and hosts Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin don’t carry personal knives this time. They are in a game preserve in South Africa and find what looks to be an authentic African bush axe Joe calls a “Shangaan Axe”.

Season 3, Episode 3: “On the Menu” (S03 EP03)

For the scenario in this episode Cody and Joe are two game wardens whose vehicle has overheated and they attempt to walk out. Other than their clothes they don’t have any equipment or tools. They find the remains of a giraffe skeleton, including some giraffe tail hair.

They also discover a poacher’s camp, where they find a backpack, water jug, potassium permanganate, sugar, a hat, and the Shangaan Axe.

The axe is used to fashion spears, split a bone for a throwing “stick”, clean a catfish and cut branches for shelter. Joe comments it is not very sharp.

Shangaan Axe on Dual Survival

This type of axe doesn’t have an eye. Based on some research of a smilar looking African axe, it is forged with a shank then fitted and pressed into a root burl of a hard wood.


The typical handle material traditinally used according to the above source is silver terminalia Terminalia sericea.

I like the rustic and earthy style of the axe. It looks like a great utility tool. It’s the type of axe (really a hatchet) that can be used as a knife. It seems smart to use the local tools when surviving in a particular area. “When in Rome”.