I’m three episodes into the latest season of Forged in Fire (the First Season of Forged in Fire Beat the Judges to be precise). There haven’t been any axes yet! Forged in Fire has always been sword and knife centric and that is okay. However I enjoy seeing them craft axes on the show.

As an axe enthusiast and someone who enjoys the show Forged in Fire I’ve compiled a list of all Forged in Fire episodes with an axe.

Forged in Fire Beat the Judges has been entertaining thus far. For the first seven seasons we’ve watched the judges sit up at their table while the smiths are struggling and act as if they would do it so much better. I think that is one of the reasons I like Ben Abbott as a judge, he’s won Forged in Fire twice and the second time he beat three other Forged in Fire champions.

Now the rest of the judges get to walk the walk.

The quality of the smithing is really at a new level now. Both the judges and the contestants have put forth very high quality work. This is partly because of the smiths on the show (judges and past Forged in Fire champions). It is also partly because of the format.

In the first round the Forged in Fire Champions competing for the chance to beat a judge arrive with a blade they’ve probably had weeks to forge. Round two the smiths go to their home forge. Round three is really where it gets challenging as they have to create a finale weapon in eight hours, as opposed to having multiple days.

Beat the Judges has been an enjoyable show so far. The only thing that would make it better would be an axe or two!